The last 17 years has brought fashion and fun to Benicia. This was achieved with runway shows that featured top designers and fashion stars, mentoring talent and offering international lines.

The closeout sale has begun. This includes NEW spring merchandise, fixtures, equipment and display accessories. This is your last chance to get a treasured piece of the iconic store.

From 2010-2019 Christina mentored and launched the talent from the fashion reality series Project Runway with Richard Hallmarq Season 11 and 25 other designers that appeared during the annual Benicia Fashion Runway weekend. Patricia Field award (Oscar and Emmy) winning designer of Sex and the City and Emily in Paris was the guest designer in 2014. The last Runway Show in 2019 presented Richie Rich from the 1990’s Club kids fame. He wowed the crowd when he roller skated the runway to introduce his whimsical collection.

Christina would like to thank the many customers who have been so loyal through the years. She would also like to thank her amazing staff who helped make Christina S “the” Fashion Destination throughout the Bay Area and beyond.

Christina: “Thank you Benicia for giving me so many opportunities while owning the store. It has been a fabulous ride!”

De La Terre Skincare

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