Active Support | Skin Lotion 4 oz.


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One of the biggest allies the skin has against abnormalities is its immune response, and there’s no better natural medicinal to support and stabilize the immune system than the noble mushroom in all of its myriad varieties. Active Support | Skin Lotion contains 14 varieties of mushrooms to help boost skins natural immune response along with a high ratio of plant-based Vitamin C allows skin to resist oxidation, clarify skin tone, while providing photo protective activity to the skin. Lightweight in texture while powerful in mushroom and plant actives. The aroma is a compilation of blood orange, cardamom, and a hint of palmarosa, providing a fresh, earthy, uplifting experience.


  • Supports skin’s immune stability
  • High ratio of plant-based Vitamin C skin will help skin resist oxidation
  • Provides clarity to skin tone
  • Provides photo protective activity to the skin
  • Promotes the enzyme telomerase which protects the cell’s DNA repair function
  • Regenerates natural spring of health


Maitake mycelia, Reishi mycelia, Turkey Tail mycelia, Chaga mycelia, Cordyceps mycelia, Shiitake mycelia, Lion’s Mane mycelia,Poria cocos mycelia, Fomes foentarius mycelia, Agaricus blazei mycelia, Mesima mycelia, Tremella mycelia, Velvet foot mycelia, Zhu Ling mycelia (Polyporus umbellatus), lonicera japonica extract, acacia, olive oil fatty acid, aloe vera, Cardamom, Chia, Neem, Blood Orange, Palmarosa


Self Care Application

Apply after Herb Rich Mist. May be applied to the face and the entire body.